Lil Mama resides in LA with AUNTIE ROBYN and their MOM and DAD

PRICING VARIES: $3500 and up for STANDARD colors. BLUE varieties $5000-$7500  READY NOW!

Submissive French Bulldog Temperaments Grace the Nature of 7 FRENCHIE PUPPIES.

These SEVEN PUPS are the kind of french bulldog puppies we hope for. Submissive temperaments and joyful spirits.

Nature wise all the pups are submissive. None are aggressive in a group scenario with other pups. There is no quarreling over food.  This is an ideal sign especially if you are considering one of these dogs as a companion to another dog. A submissive will never fight another dog. It is the ideal temperament. Come and meet them in person to FEEL their gentleness.  Be careful. You might fall in love.

CALL about 6 new PUPS September 26th MEET and GREEN – these are SOLD

LOGAN clones have been born!!

LOGAN: Blue French Bulldog – Father of our BABIES

To see him in person is to want his babies!

OUR KENNEL Environment

No crates or cages!

Crate Training vs Pee Pads for housebreaking your French Bulldog Puppy

I don’t believe in cages and crates other than to remove the door and create a SAFE PLACE for the dog to hang out in. All of our dog beds are positioned under the furniture. For the same reason, dogs have a cave dwelling temperament. They like huddling in dark cubby holes. I suggest giving  your dog his toys and his bones in such a space if you want to have a crate around. Or, don’t have a crate and offer up the toys and chew items and watch how creative your baby will get with placement of his “stuff”. Costco is the best buy these and many other pet items. Bully sticks are one of my favorite chew toys. Costco offers then for 1/10th the price of anywhere else.

We teach our puppies to use PEE PEE PADS. The idea of locking a dog in a crate to prevent it from going to the bathroom because most dogs won’t pee in their bed is an archaic idea. It works well the way I do it. I can have a 4 month old puppy letting itself up and down the stairs to my bed in the middle of the night to go pee on the pee pads placed at the bottom of the stairs. I can accomplish this feat after only a few days of offering a reward for doing it. They are a natural to pee pads. I begin the process by having them in abundance around the perimeter of the room. After a few days you will notice that they have a favorite few places and you can pull away all the extras. When the weather is nice enough to keep doors open to the outside I move the inside pee pads outside the door to the patio. Puppies will not go to the bathroom inside the room if they can go outside and they get this message by the pee pads being moved to the outside. It works like a charm. Try it you will like it.

If you’re looking to buy a blue french bulldog puppy, I always have blue puppies on the way and soon available – please contact me.

PAST PUPPIES and throughout the years